A modern and fast, self-hosted network music player. The server can be accessed and administered through a clean and functional web interface made with Vue. Features you'd expect from a simple music player are available with more to come in the future.



LeafPlayer started out as a side project back in late 2016, to learn about building a single-page web application for the modern web. After testing different frameworks for front- and backend, Vue and Lumen were chosen. The backend, however is currently in transition to Meteor as an opportunity to learn server-side javascript. The multitude of transitions in the codebase show that this project really is one for myself to try new things in a bigger scale than just a simple 'Hello World' app and learn about some of the latest web technologies out there.



Developing LeafPlayer is a hobby to me so development is not progressing too rapidly. If you'd like to support an open source project for music streaming consider contributing some code or helping out with design / ideas.