Aztec Tower

Aztec Tower is a VR game about defending the temple of your people against the spanish conquistadors trying to take apart your sacred site to enrich themselves on your gold which they're ready to and already killed for. You're the last man standing of a brave tribe who fought against the invaders for generations. They're about to overrun your temple, but you're determined to take as many of them with you as possible.

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A special thanks goes to Leopold Piribauer who crafted the trailer and a majority of models, animations, textures and other artwork in the game. Additionally, sounds, models and textures of other creators were used who I'd like to attribute here.

Asset TypeUsageAuthorComments
SoundArrow NockLiamG_SFXedited and adjusted
SoundBow shootErdie-
SoundHorn (Wave start)DANMITCH3LL-
SoundAmbient birdsbolkmar-
SoundFootstepsaglinderedited and adjusted
SoundAmbient musicjobroslowed down
SoundArrow NockLiamG_SFXslightly edited
Model & TextureStatue3DWPpolygon count lowered, texture edited
Two conquistadors running.
The end-game explosion and three conquistadors cheering.